MINI Chef classes in a professional children cooking school in Warsaw


These lessons are meant to give our 3 and 4 year olds their first experiences cooking. Cooking lessons are held weekly on Thursdays at 17:00. Cooking lessons for young children last 60 minutes.

Our Cooking School for Children is equipped with special work benches that can be adjusted to make chopping and mixing comfortable for our shorter chefs. Everything children do in our kitchens is closely supervised by our experienced staff. Safety is our priority!

Mini Chefs learn about the varied ingredients and spices used in different parts of the world. Thanks to our staff supervision and custom-made kitchen, children have a chance to try their hands at culinary techniques that they might not be allowed to at home. Spilled milk or splattered dough is never a headache for us- in fact, we give children a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. Our aim is to give children a place where they can grow and learn in the safest and most fun setting possible.

Parents are encouraged to cook alongside their children but this is optional. Regardless of parent participation, children will always under be the supervision of an adult.


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