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We strive for our Teenage Chefs to develop a wider palate for new tastes, cuisines, colors, and ways to eat healthful food. We offer our Teenage Chefs an opportunity to try new foods that they will enjoy and that will open their horizons to eating healthfully outside of class.

Teenage Chefs are children- excuse me, young adults!- that are aged 10-16. Classes are more advanced and hence typically last 2.5 hours. Classes are held every other Sunday and start at either 11:00, 14:00, or 17:00.

During our two hour class, we cook between 3 to 4 dishes. We welcome parents to eat alongside our Chefs at the end of each class.

The classes are held in Polish.

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For some time it is also still possible to sign up for classes via e-mail: or telephone: 501012369.


Classes in winter/spring 2014:
  • Sep. 14: Culinary ABC – Cutting
  • Sep. 28: Holidays Tastes
  • Oct. 12: Culinary ABC – Home preserves
  • Oct. 26: Vegan Cuisine
  • Nov. 9: Traditional Polish Cuisine
  • Nov. 23: Italian Cuisine
  • Dec. 7: Russian Cuisine
  • Dec. 21: Christmas Cooking
  • Jan. 11: Citrus fruits
  • Jan. 18: Culinary ABC – Soups


See our FULL SCHEDULE for more details


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