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For Parents - Wise Table and individual classes

Smart Table

Topics for each workshop are focused on a particular theme, be it allergies, diet changes, vegetarianism, etc. We structure these classes with the help of experts: a dietitian, child psychologist, and chefs. Together, our team can help you find inspiration to embrace a limitation as an opportunity to eat delicious, healthy food. These transformative classes can give you the confidence to cook for your family and children within the boundaries of the lifestyle or dietary restrictions you may have. Each session is composed of:

  • An introduction from our dietitian and psychologist
  • A structured cooking class with our trained chefs
  • A meal served family-style that was prepared by the participants

These courses are all conducted by experts whose aim it is to educate you in both theory and practical knowledge while in a relaxed atmosphere. During the sit-down meal, participants can comfortably ask more specific questions about meal plans, guidelines and the like to our staff.

If interested in our Smart Table courses, please contact us through email at


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